Title: The Anatomy of Seasons and Cheries
Author: Robab Moheb
"The Anatomy of Seasons and Cheries" is a shocking story about earthly love, defeat and humiliation. It raises questions and astonishes. In this story, Robab Moheb portrays human beings as the victims of the battle of oblivion. Love reveals its many facets: the ugly and the beautiful, the ups and downs, the peaceful silence and the storm . . .

It is also a story of exile; an exile not bound by geography, but universal, spanning whole lives, from birth to death. With her masterful use of words, Moheb captures the imagination and shows us that what we believe to be illusion is in fact truth and reality. In this regard "The Anatomy of Seasons and Cheries" is an admonition of the oblivious human.


Iran Open Publishing

Translation: Katayoun Keshavarzi
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màn pârehaye yek mànzareh'àm -Robab Moheb

ISBN 9789186131388

The world is sometimes a landscape and sometimes a scene."I am the fragments of a landscape" is a brief lyrical story of the fragmented human being of the twenty first century - hence the life story of the poet herself, an intuitive and intimate time journey. Once travelling through her past, Robab Moheb pronounces with "I am the fragments of a landscape" her last will and testament.


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